I keep having this dream, over and over almost every night. It starts out with me in a hallway, and I think it’s the hallway of a school. I turn towards the wall, and I see this display or art piece. It’s a bunch of post-it notes stuck to the wall with writing on them in black ink and red sharpie lines drawn leading from one note to another. As I stare at the notes, I start to realize. The notes are the moments in my life all connecting to each other.

As I'm standing there trying to take it all in, I hear a door open towards the end of the hall. It opens violently, slamming into its doorstop with a metallic thud. A girl steps through the door. She looks to be about 12, but I can’t make out much against the light flooding in from the door. She strides towards me. A breeze blows through from the open door, getting stronger and stronger the closer she gets. I turn back to the post-it notes and I notice them start to quiver and then slowly they begin to peel away from the wall, clinging with every sticky fiber of whatever it is they put on post-it notes to make them sticky.

I can see more of the girl now. She has purple hair with shaved sides. The wind is strong. A post-it note rips from the wall, and then another and another. They swirl around me in a cloud. I'm old and slow sitting in a recliner and staring at a collection of family photos on the windowsill. I'm crying at a funeral. I’m walking though the park. I'm waking up next to someone and we kiss. I'm working at a desk. I'm getting coffee with friends, and we’re laughing and talking. I'm on a stage. I'm looking out at a lake. I'm getting married. I'm unpacking boxes with someone. I'm graduating college. I'm in class. I'm at home with my mom. I'm a little kid playing on a swing set with my brother.

The wind is gone. The post-it notes waft down into a pile around my feet. The girl looks up at me. She's wearing a necklace, and the pendent on it is a scythe. She kind of shrugs her shoulders and raises an eyebrow. “Well, I guess that it,” she says. And everything goes black.