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Pyrite and Hairbands

a wlw stort story, by me!

A Beautiful Day

Inspired tangentially by Better Call Saul, and entirely a work of fiction. The air is crisp, not too cold, it doesn’t quite cut through sweaters, but it's sharp and there’s a breeze. It wakes you up as you walk through it. The sky is clear, not mostly clear where you can see the sun, but there’s still clouds. No, there isn't a cloud to be seen. The sun is bright, but not hot.

Cover Letter

I really like the work of Joey Comeau, particularly Overqualified, a book that tells its letter through a series of wildly inappropriate cover letters. I decided to write my own cover letter in a similar style. Dear SAP Technologies, I am writing to apply for a position as a web programmer and have included my resume which details my extensive software development experience. What my resume cannot cover is my long and personal history with building web pages.