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The first time I saw it, I just thought it was cat hair. Sometimes I brush my cat and tufts and tufts of fur come out of her coat. I didn’t think about the fact that I hadn’t been brushing my cat lately, but then again there were a lot of things I wasn’t thinking about. And the next few days were just like any other. Cereal for breakfast, reading the news hunched over my laptop nearly curled up in a ball.

Pyrite and Hairbands

a wlw stort story, by me!


There’s a slowdown on the freeway, take a different route along a back highway. There are little towns and churches and gas stations, and maybe other things too. Play at itch.io

The Moon

The moon looks beautiful tonight. Play at itch.io


Floating in your dreams has such a distinct feeling to it. The ground just melts below you and the sky just lifts you up. This time it feels like I have wings. The world moves in a blur below me. The endless roads and forests and towns pass by one after another. The cool wind feels amazing. I drift along. I'm with a flock of birds I think. There’s a loud sound.

The Library

There's something strange about the Marry Brooks library. It towers over the dorms and lecture halls that surround it. Inside, rows and rows of books seem to go on forever. But maybe there's something else in there, something darker. You’ll just have to play the game to find out. Play at Itch.io